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Program & Fees

?These words reveal the child?s inner needs: ?Help me to do it alone.??

                                                                                            Dr. Maria Montessori


Our curriculum:  
SC state standards (appropriate for your child?s grade level) are met while using a Montessori-based curriculum (math, science, global studies, practical life skills, reading, writing, health and sensory skills ? fine/gross motor skills) that includes project-based learning with a phonics driven literacy approach

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Admissions Process

The admissions process consists of a meeting with the Director and submission of the application form. Hemingway Day School enrolls students year round (no need to wait until the beginning of a school year.) Re-enrollment takes place in the middle of May. Requirements for enrollment include payment of all fees and submission of any necessary forms such as a birth certificate and SC Immunization Record.  Hemingway Day School is an equal education provider and in no way uses the race, disabilities or the socioeconomic level of a family as a factor for admission.

Termination of Enrollment

Hemingway Day School reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any child for any reason, provided written notice of termination is provided to the parents of that child and the parents have had prior notification of the attempts made to correct the reasons for termination.

Monthly payment of $250 per month (approximately $63.00 per week) is due at the beginning of each month.  Families with multiple children receive a 10% discount for each additional child.  Each child will pay a $125 non-refundable enrollment fee to hold the child's seat on the roster and a $50 testing fee is required for each child in grades 3 - 6 during the month of May.  

What parents receive:
Quarterly progress reports and parent/teacher conferences
Open door policy for coming and going as you please
Individualized instruction for your child 24 hours per week (180 days in a calendar year ? five of these are scheduled as Field Trip Days)

What our students receive:
Child-centered instruction
Membership in a wholesome classroom community
Time to learn at his/her own pace and in his/her own preferred way
Lots of hands-on science and social studies-based instruction
An understanding of how to read and write at any early age for enjoyment
One on one support where his/her needs are developed from his/her strengths
Fridays off school (for the most part)