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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Hemingway Day School a school for special needs students only?  No, HDS is a school for everyone.  Our student population of special needs students is identical to the populations of the surrounding public and private schools.  HDS is proud to accept all students without special attention being paid to their abilities, social backgrounds or academic levels. We believe that every child is special!  We believe that a child should understand their strengths and their weaknesses and then work to develop more skills through their strengths.  Our students become independent learners because we help them become self-reflective and never allow them to settle for status quo.
  • Is it true that your school doesn't believe in students being on medicine to control their behavior? Yes, our philosophy is that all students have the ability to learn to use self-discipline and focus and we provide the environment that is right for practicing these social and behavioral skills.  Parents are ultimately the ones that make the decision for their child to take stimulants for behavior and focus or to discontinue use of the drugs.  However, as a parent at our school you will never hear us advise you to see the doctor for medication to help their child learn and behave.
  • Do students at the Hemingway Day School take SC Ready or PASS testing?  No, HDS students in 3rd grade - 6th grade take the Stanford 10 test.  The Stanford 10 is a nationally normed standardized test which rates our students' performance against that of other students in their same grade level across the United States.
  • How do your students learn enough when they only go to school four days a week?  Our students attend school for 180 days (identical to that of their public and other private school peers).  Our students make up for not attending school on most Fridays by being in school for four weeks in the summer months.  HDS students get two weeks off, then two weeks on, two more weeks off, two more weeks on and then three weeks off in the summer.  These weeks of summer work and testing keep their minds busy, therefore, HDS students never really feel like they are ending a year (two weeks of wasted time waiting for the last half days) or time wasted getting to know a new teacher and class (two to three weeks of orientation to a new class and teachers each year). 
  • What kind of curriculum do you use?  We use a variety of curriculum resources (SRA, P.A.L.S., Orton Gillingham, EIE Stem-based Engineering Units, Fountas & Pinell Literacy, Handwriting Without Tears, Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin, National Geographic, History of the World, Brain Gym, Project Approach, Singapore Math, Miquon Math, Math Mammoth, Dice/Domino/Card Math, Key to Math Series, Teaching Textbooks, AHA Science & Math, Novel Studies, Nomenclature and much more) and materials to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.  Each student is observed and their needs met through weekly individualized learning plans.  The students work on teams and individually to "uncover" new understandings from a wide variety of resources.  We follow the S.C. state learning standards for Language Arts and Math.  Our Science and Social Studies focus come from the National standards for both of these content areas. Our students are challenged beyond their abilities to make sure they are learning and not just "doing" work to fill in time each day.

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