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What about Tuition/Learning Coach Fees?

This is certainly a question that is on everyone’s minds as we are existing in a tough time financially amid this COVID-19 mandatory break from school and life. First, I want you to know that we are empathetic of every one of your situations and want to do what we can to support you all. However, at the same time I must paint the realistic picture of our situation as a business, too.

We don’t think of ourselves as a business… we think of ourselves more as a ministry for the youth and families we have at HDS/Go Virtual. However, reality says we are a business. The bottom line for a business is that it must be able to pay its bills to keep its doors open. Common sense tells us that if it can’t pay its bills, it isn’t really a business and should be closed. So, our situation looks like this…

$18,000.00 per month of fixed bills that will NOT stop due to COVID-19. The ONLY funding source we have for this business is your tuition/learning coach payments each month and this leaves no room for profit of any kind on a monthly basis. SIDE NOTE: It is important to us to keep our tuition low (most private schools are $400-$700 per month) to make sure we provide equitable access to all who want the opportunity for a great education. However, if everyone were to stop paying tuition for one month, the business as we know it today wouldn’t sustain past this virus. Tuition for all would go up or worse, the school would close forever. Of course, this isn’t something I want to see happen, and I am willing to fight to keep it going. SADLY, and realistically, the only way to survive this is to continue collecting tuition payments.

Our teachers/learning coaches work tirelessly for your sweet children for a very low wage (even before COVID-19). They aren’t in it for the money, and I’m sure you would agree with me that without every single adult we currently have in place, HDS/Go Virtual wouldn’t be the amazing little school it is. Each one of these people would have to seek alternative employment because they already only get paid for four of the eleven weeks in the summer and summer is right around the corner. Thinking of this breaks my heart.

Please know that we will all continue to work from our homes and safe distances apart in the building to provide your child with lessons and work in the coming weeks. We met last week to put together taped lessons (for HDS students) that we will begin rolling out the first week of April. We will meet next week to put together a plan for extended classroom times and days once we finally get the green light to return to the building. Go Virtual students have had no interruption in their learning (or coaching services) because their schools are already ahead of the curve when it comes to online instruction. At HDS we are still required to complete report cards and everything else we would have done with the students in the building to make sure they are ready to go to the next grade level in August.

Let’s try with all our might to save HDS/Go Virtual and its teachers/learning coaches for the future of your children. Please reach out to us with individual situations so we can try to work with you. Finally, for those of you who have already expressed a heartfelt desire to help keep our little school open, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Tracey Stuckey, Stacey Bryant, & Kyle Smith

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